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            About us
                   Shanshan Technology (Lithium-ion battery) anode-material industry includes Shanghai Shanshan Tech Co., Ltd., Ningbo Shanshan New Material Tech Co., Ltd. , Chenzhou Shanshan New Material Co., Ltd. ,Huzhou Chuangya Power Battery Material Co., Ltd. and Fujian Shanshan Tech Co., Ltd.. The whole industry contains total asset size of more than one billion RMB, with annual production capability of 60000 tons at the end of 2017. 
            Product Layout
            Technical Support

            North District contact person:xiaowei

            telephone:+86021 61834249 8148



            Southern District contacts:yanghaiying

            telephone:+86021 61834249 8066



            傳 真:+86769-89209889 

            地 址:上海市浦東新區金海路3158

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